Peoria High School is a public 9-12 school accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, located in the center of Peoria, Illinois.  The original building was built in 1916 and a new addition was added approximately 30 years ago to include a new gymnasium, science wing and foyer.  Peoria High School shares a swimming pool with the Peoria Park District.


    The staff includes 5 administrators, 4 counselors, 1.5 special services coordinators and 100 certified teachers.  Support services include a full-time psychologist, full-time social worker, part-time speech pathologist, math and reading interventionists, graduation coach, and 2 home-school facilitators.


    There are approximately 1,421 students.  Racial/ethnic demographics for students are 74.8% black, 18.5% white, 5.7% Hispanic, and .9% Pacific Islander.  These numbers are a reflection of the total Peoria area community.  Other PHS statistics include a 71.6% low-income rate and 24.2% mobility rate.


    Current curriculum includes a strong college preparatory program, general education and special education.  Academic electives are offered in the areas of music, drama, visual arts, business, foreign language, physical education and JROTC.  In addition, we have the Preparatory School for the Arts which is “a school within a school”.  We also offer credit recovery for students to graduate on time.


    The grade scale is as follows:

                            A         90 – 100          4.0

                            B         80 – 89            3.0

                            C         70 – 79            2.0

                            D         60 – 69            1.0

                            F          50 – 59            0.0


    Enriched and AP classes are offered in English, math, science and social studies. 

    District #150 uses a 5-point weighted grading scale to determine class rank

    A         90 – 100          5.0

                            B         80 – 89            4.0

                            C         70 – 79            3.0

                            D         60 – 69            1.0

                            F          50 – 59            0.0


    The graduation rate is 93% and about 76% of the students continue in an educational program after graduation.  The average ACT composite score for both core and noncore students is 17.9.

    The Illinois General Assembly mandates that all students receive instruction in selected subject areas.  The District #150 Board of Education has added to these.  As a result, the courses listed below are required of all students.



    English                                                 4 units of credit (4 years – 2 years writing-intensive included

    Science                                                2 units of credit (2 years)

    Mathematics                                         3 units of credit (3 years – 1 year Algebra, 1 year Geometry

                                                                                                    Content Course)

    U.S. History                                         1 unit of credit (1 year)

    Economics¹                                          ½ unit of credit (1 semester)

    American Government²                        ½ unit of credit (1 semester)

    Social Studies-Elective                          1 unit of credit (1 year)

    Physical Education (includes

    Driver Ed. and Health Ed.)                   2 units of credit (4 years)

    Fine Arts or³ Foreign Language

    or Applied Technology                         1 unit of credit (1 year)





    Grade 9                      Grade 10                    Grade 11                    Grade 12


    English                         English                         English                        English

    Mathematics                Mathematics                Mathematics                *Mathematics

    Science                        Science                        *Science                      *Science

    Social Studies              Elective                        U.S. History                Econ/Am. Govt.

    PE/Health                    PE                               PE                               PE

    Elective or                    Elective or                    Elective                       Elective

    *Foreign Language     *Foreign Language


    *Recommended for students who plan to enter a four-year state college/university following high school.


    Students must take the State assessment PSAE (Prairie State Achievement Exam) to graduate from high school.


    ¹As provided by state law, all students are given an opportunity to take the State Consumer Education (Resource Management) Proficiency Test.  Students should see their counselors for more details.

    ²In order to receive credit in government course, a student must pass the U.S. Constitution test.

    ³Many four-year college/universities require a minimum of two years of one foreign language.



    1615 N. North Street

    Peoria, Illinois 61604

    Phone: (309) 672-6630

    Fax: (309) 672-6629




    Annette Coleman


    (309) 672-6627


    Michael R. Kohlman

    Doug Atkins-Blay 

    Arnie Spiker

    Devon Hawkins

    Assistant Principals

    (309) 672-6630



    Brien M. Dunphy

    Athletic Director

    Director of Extracurricular Activities

    (309) 672-6628



    (309) 672-6638


    Tammy D. Collier

    Head Counselor


    Kathleen R. Fitch

    Jared Lucas

    Paula Webb





    reach staff through groupwise:

    first name.last name@psd150.org