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    Staff has been in a book study this year.
    This study has encouraged us to ask, "What if...?" questions to ignite thinking in our students.  The audience for this book isn't just educators.  There is plenty for parents to gain!  This book challenges all of us to get our children thinking, inquiring, and asking questions.  We encourage anyone to ask us about it, or read it yourself:) 
    Book Study  

    Charter Oak Staff Professional Development


    Learner profile resources: 
    Principled                   Communicators                      Open-minded
    Inquirers                      Balanced                                 Knowledgeable
    Caring                         Thinkers


    Charter Oak Staff Professional Development


     Learner Profile Schoolwide Lessons
    Principled                                                   Communicator                                              Inquirer
    Open-minded                                             Thinker                                                         Knowledgeable
    Balanced                                                    Risk-taker                                                     Caring

    Charter Oak Staff Professional Development


    Learner Profile Schoolwide Lessons

      Principled                                          Communicator                                             Open-minded         Thinkers                                             Inquirer                                                       Knowledgeable                 Balanced                                            Risk-taker                                                   Caring                            Reflective                                                




    Charter Oak Staff Professional Development


    ovember 2011
    Learner Profile Schoolwide Lessons
     Inquirer Lesson Plan                                             Communicator Lesson Plan
    Open-minded Lesson Plan                                   Balanced Lesson Plan
    Thinker Lesson Plan                                              Knowledgeable Lesson Plan
    Caring Lesson Plan                                               Risk-taker Lesson Plan
    Principled Lesson Plan                                         Reflective Lesson Plan