• 2016-17 Career & Tech Ed courses
    Business Courses (Mrs. Horvitz, Mr. Smith, teachers)
             Mrs. Horvitz & Mr. Smith
    Software Applications 
             Mrs. Horvitz & Mr. Smith
    Information Processing
             (not offered this year) 
    Business Law/Recordkeeping
             Mr. Smith
    Business & Technology Concepts
             Mr. Smith
    Product-Oriented Marketing 
             Mr. Smith
    Accounting I
             Mr. Smith
    Accounting II
            not offered this year-- (offered every other year) 
    COOP Program 
             Mrs. Horvitz 
    Health Occupations (Ms. Emanuelson, Teacher)
    Entry Level Skill Development for the Healthcare Provider
    Dual Credit courses are:
    HEOCC 111-1st semester (Introduction to Health Careers) FALL semester
    HEOCC 114-2nd semester (Introduction to Interdisciplinary Health) SPRING semester
    HLTH 120-1st semester (First Aid) FALL semester
    HLTH 121-2nd semester (Medical Terminology) SPRING semester
    TV/Media Courses (Dr. Kerns, Teacher)
    Beginning Audio/Visual Production 
    Communication Technology
    Audio-Video I
    Audio-Video II
    IB Film SL (WT)
    Technology Courses (Mr. Rhodes, Teacher)
    Introduction to Engineering
    Principles of Engineering
    Digital Electronics
    Cisco Networking 1-2
    Cisco Networking 3-4