• Keyboarding & Formatting 

    Keyboarding & Formatting is a course designed to develop basic skills in touch keyboarding techniques for entering alphabetic, numeric, and symbol information. An online program, accessible outside the classroom, is used to help students develop their current skill level.

    Students will learn to edit and format text and paragraphs, change fonts, work with headers and footers, cut and paste text, use tab keys, and work with multiple windows. Students will properly format documents such as letters, envelopes, reports/term papers and tables for personal, educational, and business uses. During the remainder of the course, major emphasis is placed on using Microsoft Word to format documents and increasing speed and accuracy.

    Grades will be taken in the following areas: (1st quarter) technique, daily work, tests/quizzes, speed timings. (2nd quarter) daily work, tests/quizzes, speed timings.
    The FULL course description and grading information can be found by clicking HERE