• We will be kicking off this year's Marksmanship competitions with the Initial Rifle Team meeting at 13:45 on Friday 18 August.  This is a mandatory meeting for anyone interested in being on the rifle team this year.  In past years we have been willing to work with athletes in multiple sports and are still willing to do so, however attendance at this meeting is required and should not interfere with any other practice.  Our first Rifle Match is already scheduled for Friday 15 September so we have a considerable amoutn of work to accomplish within the next month.  The remaining season schedule is still being built but many of the matches will be held on weekends with a few on Friday or durign the week.  The JROTC Postal Match as always is a mandatory competition and is completed here at RHS on the Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving (this year that is 22 November) and this is the only MANDATORY match for ALL TEAM MEMBERS (relays will be published two weeks prior to the match).


    For those interested in joining and competing in with the Rifle Team, the safety test will be given starting Monday, 21 August.  Athletes must achieve a perfect score (100%) on the test in order to pass and be allowed on the team.  Each prospective athlete will only be given two opportunites to pass the safety exam.  Materials to study are posted on this page to the right.  Reccomend individual athletes begin reading the material provided and a study guide will be handed out to those who attend the meeting on 18 August.


    CWO2 “Gunner”  T. C. Sparkman