• Our Campus
    The campus includes a computer lab with up-to-date technology, STEM Lab, a carpeted library, a resource center, a garden complete with fountain, two gymnasiums, a baseball diamond and a soccer field.
    Washington serves approximately 315 students in an atmosphere of excellence and achievement, with teachers and staff members that truly care about the potential within each one. The learning environment is, of course, engaging and rigorous while still maintaining a sense of fun and enjoyment. Our students learn from and are challenged by one another, forming life-long bonds in the process. Washington Gifted School has a very diverse population, reflecting the population of Peoria.
    Our dedicated staff includes a former Richwoods Band director, an orchestra teacher, two foreign language teachers, a guidance counselor, a nurse and a speech therapist as well as wonderful math, english and social studies teachers.

    At the last school board meeting our HVAC system was approved; we will have air conditioning by Fall 2019 and are getting new, high efficient LED lighting.  The boiler comes out over Spring Break 2019 and the asbestos abatement will be done.  A new entry to the school will likely be done in 2021. 

    Where We Are Located
    Washington Gifted School is located at the corner of Grand Boulevard and War Memorial Drive/Highway 150 on the NE side of Peoria. We are near Emo's and Springdale Cemetery. 
    2019-2020 pick-up and drop-off traffic pattern should now be easier to follow. 7:05-7:30am and 2:00-2:38pm, students may be picked-up and dropped-off only in our North parking lot near the ball fields. Cars are to pull to the end of the building and students are then to walk back to the doors. For student safety, only BUSES may drive in the Main Parking Lot during these times. Thank you for your cooperation.
     Drop Off
    For After School Games:
    Please park/drop-off/pick-up only in the North lot near the ball fields. Team buses and Activity buses must use the lot in front of our main doors, so for safety reasons parents and students may not enter the bus lot. 
    Peoria Public Schools Asbestos Management Plan 

    Access Control Procedures


    1.    All staff (including substitutes) are required to wear ID badges at all times - this makes it easier to identify people who do not belong in the building.

    2. Visitors during the school day must be buzzed in by the office. Staff, students and other visitors should not merely open doors for visitors.

    3.   All visitors are required to sign in, sign out, wear visitor’s ID badge, and make sure all other visitors adhere to this procedure.

    4.    Direct unidentified visitors to the office to get a visitor’s badge.  It is important that all staff stop, greet, and question unidentified visitors they see in the building.  If they know them, direct them to the office for a visitor’s ID badge.  If they don’t know them, report his/her presence to the office immediately.

    5.    Keep outside doors locked at all times, except for the main door during drop-off and pick-up times.  Don’t prop open doors and if a door is open or unlocked, close or lock it.