• Below you will find the E-Rate RFPs for e-Rate funding year 2020-2021.  All questions should be directed via email to erate@psd150.org. This RFP is being released here (and on the SLD website) 1/27/2020, with any written questions due no later than 2/5/2020, to be answered on this web page no later than 2/17/2020 4pm, with final responses due from interested vendors by 3/2/2020 at 4pm CST.

    Notice: the last day that the district will accept responses is 3/2/2020 at 4pm. 
    Scroll down to view 2020-2021 RFP questions & answers.


    Q. For the location at 1801 N. North Ave Peoria, IL, according to Google maps, it shows up as a residential home. Can you please confirm so we can assign correct build out costs?

    A. If you Google 1801 N. North Ave in Peoria, the photo assigned to that location is from July 2011 per the image capture date. There have been a lot of changes in that area since 2011, so please use the street map or the satellite view to view the current location. The actual building that houses the data feed is just west of the tennis courts, at the end of the long driveway and parking lot.



    Q. The statement in the RFP states "The district is willing to enter into a multi-year contract not to exceed two years (July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2027), with an option for three additional one-year extensions."  The question is in regards to the Internet Bandwidth Proposal Number 3.
    What term are you willing to accept? The verbiage states 2 years, with an option for three additional 1-year extensions. The date range of 2020-2027 is for 7 years. Are you looking for a 2 year initial term, or a 7 year initial term?

    A. The district is willing to enter into a multi-year contract not to exceed two years (July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022) for the initial contract, with an option for three additional one-year extensions (through July 1, 2025).



    Q. Document A2 shows the hub sites with no connectivity back to Roy Rickets. Does the district require direct connectivity from a service provider from the hub sites back to Roy Rickets, 520 E. Lake?  

    A. Hub sites (High Schools) are connected to Ricketts via fiber and are included in this RFP.  The connection is listed under Roy Ricketts but it was not listed at each hub site.  See network diagram for further details:  D150 WAN logical diagram 2020


    Q. We standardize our equipment for 100Gb when we offer solutions greater than 10Gb. Does your firewall have the ability to accept a 100Gb interface?

    A. Current district equipment does not support 100gb.


    Q. In reference to the WAN, provider must supply single mode dark fiber capable. Our demarc is a 1310nm LC Connector. What dark fiber requirement are you referencing? Or is this referencing a patch cable?

    A. 1310nm fiber is classified as single mode fiber.  Dark fiber, for the purposes of this RFP, means that the District has unrestricted use of all fiber optic strands installed between sites and the traffic on the fiber optic strands is not shared or managed by provider or any other entities.


    Q. If this is referring to a patch cable, how many meters do you need?

    A. District will provide patch cable from demarc to its network equipment.  Provider must terminate fiber with SC or LC single mode connectors.


    Q. Are you able to provide a visio with your current topology?

    A. See previous answer diagram (D150 WAN logical diagram 2020)



    Q. RFP states "Written Questions Due Wednesday, February 5, 2020 Questions will only be received via email to erate@psd150.org.  Answers to questions will be posted on the District website as questions are received, and all answers will be posted by end of business on Monday, January 20, 2020. The District will not accept questions via phone."   I'm assuming you mean Thursday February 20, 2020 - please clarify.  

    A. The dates in the RFP's at the district website are the correct dates, and EPC has been updated to match the posted RFP. Answers for questions will be posted by end of business on Monday February 17, 2020 (or earlier).


    Q. Will the District consider extending your current contract for one year? (<Vendor> builds E-Rate cpompliant fiber networks from the ground up - building a new network for 34 schools will take 6 months, after FCDL, which likely not come until sometime between August and October of 2020.)

    A. No. Our current contract is expiring and we require no interruption in service. Vendor will be chosen based on the proposals submitted during this RFP process.


    Q. Per the District's WAN description in Attachment A it appears that Roy Ricketts aggregates 15 sites back to a 10 Gig connection. <Vendor> builds fiber networks that we refer to as "a sum of the parts network". All of the sites appear back at the hub as a 1:1 corrspondence. For example: each 10 Gig edge site will appear at Roy Ricketts as a 10 Gig connection, hence there will be 15 10 Gig connections at Roy Ricketts. This design has no over subscription in the network as does your current design. Will this type of design work with the Schol District's current environment so as to avoid any equipment upgrades? Do your current switches have multiple 10 Gig ports?

    A. There is no aggregation implied in Attachment A. Roy Ricketts, for example, currently supports 15 10g interfaces to the remote schools. These are point-point connections so there is no over-subscription currently in place.



    Q. C2960S-STACK is only available via Cisco Refurb.  It is currently showing plenty available, but we cannot guarantee Refurb stock availability.  The 2960-S switches and accessories will be End of Life in Nov 2020.  Were you aware of this and still would like us to utilize refurb stock on the C2960S-STACK?  

    A. Refurb is OK/allowed.  Cisco indicated this was only way to get this part currently.


    Q. We are quoting the Prime base license.  However, if this is a first time Prime purchase there are additional sku’s that need to be ordered including device licenses.

    A. Only base license is needed.   Additional device licenses are included with DNA licensing in the EDU SKUs.