• Below you will find the E-Rate RFPs for e-Rate funding year 2019-2020.  All questions should be directed via email to erate@psd150.org. This RFP is being released here (and on the SLD website) 1/31/2019, with any written questions due no later than 2/11/2019, to be answered on this web page no later than 2/15/2019 4pm, with final responses due from interested vendors by 3/1/2019 at 4pm CST.

    Notice: the last day that the district will accept responses is 3/1/2019 at 4pm. 
  • Please see below for all questions and related answers for this RFP:

    1. What are the current model numbers of the Cisco components of the Wireless Network? (i.e. Access Points, Controllers, Switches, etc.)
    There are a variety of AP's, Controllers and Switches currently in use - please respond to the RFP based on the contents.

    2. Which components of the network will remain and not be replaced?
    We have not determined at this time.

    3. What tools and systems are being used to manage the existing Cisco Wireless Network? (i.e. Cisco Prime)
    We are not using Cisco Prime. We use IpSwitch network monitoring software.

    4. What information should the requested heat map provide? (i.e. 2.4GHz,5GHz)
    Ideally the heat map would include the coverage, any interference issues, and a spectrum analysis.

    5. Will cabling be replaced/upgraded? If yes, please specify locations and specifications of required cabling.
    This RFP is for replacement of existing AP's as shown in the RFP attachment. No new cabling should be required.

    6. Will patch cables be replaced/upgraded? If yes, please provide locations and specifications of required patch cables.

    7. Will fiber optic cabling be replaced/upgraded? If yes, please provide locations and specification details.

    8. Is configuration of network switches part of the scope of work?
    Yes, per the RFP proposals shall include "all other costs required to make the devices operational within DISTRICT facilities."

    9. Can you please provide square footage and number of floors of each building included in the RFP?
    Unavailable at this time.

    10. Are any outdoor Wireless Access Points required?

    11. Are any external antennas required?

    12. If licensing is required for the proposed equipment, what term is requested? (i.e. 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, etc.)
    Provide 1, 3 and 5 year licensing prices

    13. What is the total current AP count in the district including AP’s not identified for replacement on the 2019 470?
    Currently 1125 APs in the district.

    14. Are there any specific radio requirements for requested AP’s; ie AC Wave 2 or AX?

    15. Are you open to controllerless architecture, virtual controller?
    We are open to any proposal that meets the requirements in the RFP

    16. What is the average client count per AP?
    Not available at this time

    17. What is the client and device count per site?
    Not available at this time

    18. Are you currently utilizing any NAC or network management/visibility tools for your existing network?
    We use IpSwitch network monitoring software.

    19. Can you provide documentation on WAN connections between buildings and where are current internet connections being terminated?
    Not available at this time