• Five Pillars of Support
    Vision: We take pride in educating and graduating each student prepared and inspired to contribute to the world. 

    Pillar 1

    High standards, rigorous college & career curricula, and engaged & relevant experiences 
    • SROs will promote high standards and assist in keeping students engaged in the learning process.
    • Be pro-active, be visible, and be compassionate to the needs of our children.
    • Build relationships with students to promote trust.

    Pillar 2

    Systems of Support 
    • Provide support for needed social and emotional services
    • Partner with other agencies to help assist students in the areas needed
    • Be proactive to support parents in furthering the education of their child   

    Pillar 3

    Committed and effective leaders, teachers, staff and students 
    • Provide support for Principals, teachers, and other staff to provide a safe learning environment 
    • Be leaders that serve with respect and dignity to mentor our youth

    Pillar 4

    Engaged families and community 
    • Be proactive to assist in community service
    • Actively listen to the concerns of the community and act to serve
    • Be steadfast in street gang preventative measures and reach out for support 
    Pillar 5 
    Financial stewardship and operational excellence 
    • Care for and maintain department issued equipment
    • Be highly trained and ready 
    • Work to ensure that proper staffing is sufficient for each event