• Information Technology
  • The Information Technology Program is now online! 

    We will meet you right where you are! You do not have to come to Woodruff!   Students can take this course as one of their regular class periods.  Usually, 3rd or 4th hour.

    You will meet with Mrs. Polnitz online during that period on Microsoft Teams. Students have the opportunity to gain many technical skills, participate in an internship, get industry experience, and get certified in various programming languages and software packages. Students will receive college credit for the course.

    This online program is a new and innovative way to cultivate students that are interested in Information Technology but can not make it to Woodruff for a variety of reasons.  Go to your counselor and register for the program today! Remember, you can do this right from your school!

    If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Lisa Polnitz - lisa.polnitz@psd150.org. Meet you online!