• Mandated Reporting Requirements for Child Abuse/Neglect


    All district employees are required to report suspected child abuse/neglect immediately to the D.C.F.S. Hotline. Remember that you are a mandated reporter and it is your legal obligation to report the abuse/neglect of a child.  Legal ramifications can result for failure to report.


    General Rules to follow when reporting child abuse/neglect:


    1. Call the child abuse hotline as soon as possible 1-800-25-ABUSE (Illinois)
    2. Then you must send a written confirmation to the appropriate D.C.F.S. field office within 48 hours. (download form below)
    3. All forms should be sent to our local D.C.F.S. office, mailing instructions are listed below.



    Department of Children and Family Services

    Attention: Child Protective Services


    2001 N.E. Jefferson Street Peoria, IL 61603

    309-671-7900 (phone)

    309-671-7907 (fax)