• Good Morning Family,

    Alot has happened since last post. 

    First and formoth th new MI is on deck and has been working diligently to get up to speed. His Name is GySgt Miguel Chavez. He has relocated his family from San Antonio Texas to help us build our program in to the most respected and envied program in the United States. His background is in the Marine COrps Infantry and the Marine Corps Special operations Command. He is a distinguished shooter and has already took ownership and pride in our shooting team. It is already taken on a new passion and the Cadets are showing a revived enthusiasm in being instructed in the basics of proper marksmanship.

    The practices for all teams are running smooth and it seems like the Cadets are begining to hit their groove as they continously show improvement.

    With the many requirements of homcoming week apon us. It is a mission of our program to more involved with the community and the school. This weeks homcoming football game will be our biggest statement of our dedication to excellence as we will show up in full strength to support our family as they go to battle with their cross city rival.

    Also I am sure your Cadets have been in contact with you on our one of many fund raisers we are supporting to help our school and our program reach the next level. Any help we can get with our Snap Raise would be greatly appreciated. pass the site on to your friends and family and lets make history as we set another record as the top program in the country.

    Soon the homcoming will be over and then we will be focusing on competitions and the Marine Corps ball. As another improved display of the program. This years Ball will be catered and held off site from the school at barracks catering were we will be celebrating our birthday with ceremonies, good food, and dancing. Ticket prices for family and friends will be sent home with your Cadets and we look forward to seeing you there.

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  • Good Afternoon Family,

    I have missed a few posts or atleast been late. My apologies.

    The Cadets have stepped up again over the weekend and jumped on an oppurtunity for community service. Helping with the Peoria Zoo run. And then in MCROTC fasion the Color Guard, Cadet Foucher, And the trumpet players from our top notch band department stold the show at the Tee it up for the Troops Monday. Pictures to come.

    In addition to all the great stuff we are accomplishing so early into a fresh year we have even more coming up. 

    This week and into the future PT practice for the PT Team will be in the mornings before school at 0600. 

    Other then that the Drill Team and Rifle practices will remain the same. After school on Mon, Tues, and Thurs. This practice will get over at 1500 until Labor Day. After Labor Day practices wil go until 1630.

    If you have any questions feel free to let me know.

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  • MCJROTC Family,

    The time is here and as always our Cadets kickoffed the 2019-2020 school year with a very positive statement across the board.

    Establishing a amazing base to build on for the future. The Richwoods MCJROTC Freshmen orientation went great. Reaching record numbers for participation not onfor Richwoods but for much of the Country's programs. It is this type of dedication and effort that will only make us the example to be followed by all.

    And then when our family at richwoods needed a hand in raising supplies forfamilies in the district. It was our Cadet that stood up and took the challenge receiving over $5,000.00 in supplies. A special thanks to all the Cadets that participated and the families that helped make this happen. The Delgado's, Mrs Hipple, and Mrs Shussler stood on the front line with their Cadets and other Cadets from the program to assist were needed. 

    If this begining is any implication to how this year will go then stand by because we are going to turn some heads on our way to greatness.

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  • Good Evening Family,

    Updates have been a little speratic due to camps and travel but for the most part we are back gearing up for the start of the new school year.

    There have been some updates to the calender so please review. I had overlooked the scheduled picnic on the 3rd of August. So I deleted that and replaced it with the Bowling and Putt putt night on the 5th at 1800-2000. Food will be provided. Another change is we are puching our drill competition on the 11th back to the next competetion. Details will come when I learn more.

    Freshmen orientation started today and the motivation and commitment of the the cadets has be remarkable. We had over 20 plus incoming freshmen and 15 returning Cadets show up.

    As always stay safe and i can't wait to start the new year.

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  • Good Morning Family,

    We have just conquered another task and are looking forward to knocking down some more. 

    Cadet's Humphrey and Andrews just returned from a very knowledgeable drill camp at Texas A&M. And are eager to spread the wealth with their fellow Cadets. Just another great example of two young Cadet striving and achieving milestones as leaders.

    Upcoming we have a Color Guard at Tower Park this Saturday on the 20th of July in support of Armed Service Day. After that Color Guard two Cadets and my self will be departing the area for a Senior Leadership Camp in PA. WHen we get back we will be hitting it hard with the freshmen orientation and two community relation events on the first two weekends of Aug.  Summers Flying by and we growiing everyday.

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  • Good Evening Family

    Great news. Once again our program had an outstanding showing at a national level event. Our JLAB team made it to the Semi-Finals were the came up just short but still turned heads. The information and preperation that these Cadets had to know and study for was mind blowing to say the least. They did an excellent job and I couldn't be prouder of them.

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  • Another week has come to an end. The Cadets are consistantly impressing me with their dedication to excellence and taking this program to the next level. The PT team has had a very challenging week finishing off with a unheard of challenge. Two teams were able to complete. The Cadets goal was to flip a 350lb tire for a mile. Cadet Commander Patekar, and SgtMaj Smullin were the only two teams to finish. Taking nearly 2 hours to complete. Delgado, Briggs, and Cuizon were their teamates.

    As the summer heat turns up. so does or upcoming schedule. The Color Guard team was invited to a competetion in August and plan on taking the title.

    JLAb and myself leave next week and will be gone for a week.

    As always have a great summer and stay safe.

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  • Good Afternoon family,

    The school year ended with a blast that once again showed the excellence of our program and Cadets. In true great fashion the Color guard, along with Cadet volunteers showed perfessional and honorable in their actions on Memorial Day. Providing the Navy and Marine Corps league with a tyop notch performance in less then favorable conditions. 1stLt Faith battled the high winds only to come out on top (like always). Showing mother nature that our colors will fly high no matter what.

    And then in a terenchal down pour the Cadets charged forward to bring down the flags honoring our fellow Marines who have giving their lives to their country.

    PT and JLAB practice will continue this week as shown on the calender. 

    As always if there are any questions just give me a call.

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  • Family,

    Just a quick update to the calender for the end of this month and next month has been published. You will see the afternoon of the 27th on memorial day we will be assisting the Navy Marine Corps league in Peoria Heights with taking down flags. Any cadets and parents that would like to help are more then welcome. There will be a BBQ after for those that help.

    Also the schedule for continued physical fitness training in June has been updated.

    Have a great weekend and be safe.


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  • Good Morning Family,

    Its Here. The last full week.

    This week in thr MCROTC we will be wrapping up all of the gear turn ins. And while the year is coming to an end in the school. The ROTC's mission has not slowed down. If you look at the calender you will see that we have two color guards over Memorial Day weekend. And then we jump into the summer vacation.

    It is the new staffs  mission to stay activily engaged in the community. So make sure your cadets keep up with the calender threw out the summer. There will be plenty of oppurtunities for them to get out and do some good for their community.

    The cadets do have a final exam of 40 questions for the class. They have been giving a study guide and plenty of time in class to study. So their grades should only improve if they have used their time wisely.

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  • For those of you who were unable to come to the school on 03 April to look at proofs and order cadet photos of your cadet in uniform, North American Photographers has created an online ordering portal where you can view your cadet's photos and place an order with them.  The web site and access code are provided below.

    Website:  www.natporder.com

    Access Code:  G1420-2018


    God Bless & Semper Fidelis

    Gunner Sparkman sends

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  • Good Morning Family,

    It is my intention to have atleast one update a week on our website to keep you informed of the current and upcoming events in the program. If for some reason it slips my mind one week. Do not hesitate to remind me so that I can keep everyone informed.

    Current Events. The Cadets are widening their stride as we reach the finish line of the 2018-2019 school year. We are currently collecting all uniforms from the cadets so that we can have full accountability prior to the start of next year. In doing this we are rearranging the supply area to maximize space and hopefully develop a more fluid system with better accountability control measures.


    Future Events. In the activity Calender you will see the events that are currently planned. The new addition this week is the addition of the Welcome Back Picnic on August 3rd. There is not a location identified yet but as soon as we as a staff figure it out we will let you know.


    1stSgt Martin

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  • Good Evening Everyone.

         Unfortunately I am writing on a topic that may suck some summer motivation out of our family of cadets. This years summer camp has been cancelled due to some changes within theprogram. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused your families in your summer planning. In addition to this change I am planning to gather everyone as a family at least two days in the summer to get together. I do not have spefcific dates or times yet however I am thinking one at the end of the school year and another before next school year starts. I will be finalizing these dates hopefully soon and will communicate these to the parents and cadets.

         Our program while changing is not hurting. We have a very hungry young staff and great student body of cadets who are tirelessly planning to make next years MCJROTC one to remember. The cadet's dedication and hard work will show in many community relation events and locally and nationally regonized competitions. Every year all MCROTC programs in the country strive for one honor, Naval Honors School. It is our mission to be nationaly regonized as one of the most elite schools in the country. I hope you and the cadets are ready for the ride to greatness.

    Any questions you may have please feel free to contact me directly. 


    Marine Instructor

    Retired 1stSgt Shawn Martin

    Richwoods High School



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