• Thursday, August 29

    NWEA Math in Room 183

    Wednesday, August 28

    OPP Quiz

    Tuesday, August 27

    Share answers to OPP page 20

    Monday, August 26

    Finish OPP

    Students are responsible for assigned question on page 20

    Friday, August 23

    Finish reading Chapter 9

    Students are to read chapter 10 for homework.

    Thursday, August 22

    Begin reading Chapter 9 as a whole group.

    Wednesday, August 21

    All students should have their textbooks.

    Tuesday, August 20

     Literary terms needed for OPP

    Practice analyzing text

    Monday, August 19

    Bell Ringers begin today. They are due on Friday. Don't lose them!!

    First Week of School

    Before you can be eligible for the cell phone extra credit, you must return the waiver sheet. Cell Phone Waiver