• Biography

    5th - 7th Grades - PowerPoint 

    8th Grade - Canva/PowerPoint



    1. Create a PowerPoint presentation about a person of significance. 

    2. To understand that a PowerPoint is a visual aid, not a report.  


    List of Character Traits


    8th Grade Instructions at the bottom of the page! 

    The person you choose:

    • must be deceased
    • NOT the usual famous individuals: Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, etc...
    • Importance: a value judgment of the superior worth or influence of something or someone
    • You must have this person approved by Ms. Kelly!

    Step 1: Choosing a person

    • Decide whose biography you will do research on based on the requirements above
    • Your person should be someone who has contributed something of importance to society or history and has become famous because of it.
    • Ms. Kelly must approve before moving to step 2!

    Step 2: Conduct Research (take notes) before creating the PowerPoint.

    • You cannot start the PowerPoint/Prezi until your research notes are approved by             Ms. Kelly. 
    • Write down all the websites where you found the information

    Step 3: Create a 6-slide PowerPoint/Prezi

    • using the information from your notes
    • meet all the requirements listed below. 

    Step 4: Submit Assignment

    • PowerPoint/Prezi will be submitted to MSTEAM for a final grade
    • all individual class periods will receive a grade for working on the project 

    PowerPower Directions

    Slide 1: Introduction Slide

    • The Person's Name
    • your name
    • homeroom

    Slide 2: Background Information

    • Where/when was this person born?
    • Childhood

    Slide 3: Becoming Famous

    • What did this person do for a living?
    • What qualities or traits do you believe made this person famous?
    • What did this person do to become famous?

    Slide 4: Impact on Others

    • How has this person made an impact on others’ lives?
    • In what ways was his/her life remarkable, admirable, or even despicable?
    • Was this person a hero? Why or why not?

    Slide 5: Decisions/Lessons

    • Did this person make any major mistakes or bad decisions?
    • What are some important lessons you or any other person might learn from the way this person lived?

    Slide 6: Must have at least 3 Sources (sites where you found the


    Requirements for ALL SLIDES

    • You must have an image ON EACH SLIDE (Only 1 image per slide except slide 6 - no images allowed)! Images must be clear and appropriate. They must add to the purpose and design of the slides. 
    • Slides should be clear, easy to read, and well balanced. – no more than 1 image and 6 words per slide. Use the note section to type in all the other relevant information.
    • PowerPoint Notes: all slides must include notes that the presenter would be using during the presentation 
    • Correct spelling/grammar

    8th Grade Canva

    1. Sing Up for an account: you may use your school email (MS TEAMS) 

    2. Invitation: Ms. Kelly sent you an invitation to her team using your MS TEAM email.

    • Please accept the invitation so you can receive credit for your work.
    • checking for design progress after each class: part of the weekly grade

    3. Design: Chose from one of the following designs. Include information from notes and all sources into the design. Your job is to be creative and informative on your design. Do not use complete sentences. Use images but not too many that they are distracting. 


    • yearbook
    • table of contents
    • mindmap
    • flyer
    • infographic
    • brochure
    • newsletter
    • poster
    • daily report
    • scrapbook
    • resume
    • presentation
    • event program