• Peoria Public Schools Online Academy

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Peoria Public Schools Online Academy?

    Through PPS Online Academy, non-Peoria Public School students, including home schooled students, can register for Peoria Public School classes and complete the coursework online.


    Why would a student choose to enroll in PPS Online Academy?

    • A student may want to pick up extra high school credits in subjects of interest such as physics, calculus or statistics.
    • Enrolling in PPS online academy gives home-schooled students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma which may be an advantage when applying for colleges or scholarships.
    • A student may wish to enroll in Peoria Public School/Illinois Central College (ICC) dual credit courses or Advanced Placement courses.
    • A middle-school-aged student may wish to enroll in secondary-level courses.
    • Primary- and middle-school-aged home-schooled students can supplement their academic studies by accessing Peoria Public Schools online programs to improve reading or math skills.


    Can my student take just a course once in a while?


    Students registered as Peoria Public Schools’ students attending one of our schools may pick up a course or two. Other students will be asked to create a course plan showing at least 3-4 courses taken throughout a semester.


    Can students take some classes at school and some online?


    Students may have a dichotomous learning program where some courses are on site and some are online.


    Do students have to take district and state tests?


    By law, the district must give students the state’s assessments. Teachers may request that students take formative assessments (such as NWEA) outside of their coursework to assist with personalization.


    Are all courses available?


    We are still developing and adding courses. For example, some Advanced Placement courses will be added next year. “Classroom” Driver’s Ed has not yet been added to online. Middle School science is still being developed.


    Can athletes take online courses?


    At this time, we are working on getting NCAA approval. We are expecting the process to be completed by August 2019.


    For classes not offered by Peoria Public Schools, is there a way to get those?


    There are some fee-based courses such as foreign language (other than Spanish) and other more unique courses that can be accessed with student purchase.


    How is attendance taken?


    Student attendance is determined based on their time online. Teachers of Record check that students are working daily.


    Can students still attend middle and high school sports and activities?


    Students, if they choose, can be assigned home high schools and may participate in activities and events.


    How are IEP students supported?


    The program has a lot of features which support student learning including speech from text, highlighting and of course students can work at their own pace. 


Last Modified on April 26, 2019