• At Peoria Public Schools, education is no longer one-size-fits-all.

    With PPS Online Academy, virtual learning offers students more options.


    Course Availability

    A currently-enrolled Peoria Public School student can take an online course that does not fit into their schedule. Online courses can be taken during a gap hour or outside school hours.


    Accelerated Learning

    A student may wish to take an online course to move ahead in a particular subject area. This acceleration can support middle school students wishing to take some high school courses, high school students who wish to pursue employment during part of the day or students who wish to advance to a higher level of learning.


    Early Graduation

    Students may wish to take online courses to graduate early.


    Student Need

    Students with medical needs that prevent them from attending a traditional school can take online courses.


    Home-schooled Students

    Home-schooled students can take advantage of online courses and receive high school credit hours.


    Exposure to Online Learning

    Online courses can help students prepare for post-graduation employment opportunities or for college courses.


    Credit Recovery Learning

    Students can take online courses to recover high school credits. 


    Your Pace • Your Passion • Your Plan




Last Modified on December 12, 2018