• Illinois Math Academy, Bradley University, and Peoria Public Schools Foundation present:

    Video Game Design Challenge Club


    • Create a team of 3-5 high school students who want to learn to program and/or create art for a game.
    • Be mentored by game design students from Bradley University’s nationally ranked game program on Wednesday after school in Room 200
    • Win $1,000!


    Competition Rules:

    1. Teams must consist of 9-12th grade students attending a school in Central Illinois
    2. Teams must have 3-5 members
    3. The team will spend the school year creating a video game. Students can use any development tools. We recommend Unity as the game engine (i.e., the programming environment you used to create the game).
    4. All the game content must be created by team members. The Bradley mentors will help guide students in creating the code, art, music, and sound effects. Using third-party content will result in a disqualification.
    5. The game must be created from scratch. It cannot be created by following or extending a tutorial or other existing game content. Students may reference small sections of code created by others, but the use must be documented (see separate sheet for detailed rules).
    6. The game’s intellectual property (plots, characters, etc.) must be either original or in the public domain. For example, a “Ready Player One” game would be disqualified, but a “Jack and the Beanstalk” game would be acceptable.
    7. Gameplay cannot involve violence
    8. The challenge’s sponsors retain the right to disqualify games that have inappropriate content.
    9. The teams retain the rights to their game. At the start of the project, team members must enter into an agreement amongst themselves regarding how they share the rights to the game. A template for doing so will be provided.
    10. Participants in the challenge grant the Illinois Math Academy, Bradley University, and the Peoria Public School Foundation a license to use their game for instructional and publicity purposes.
    11. Games will receive preliminary feedback from the judges in early February and will be judged at an event on Saturday May 4th.