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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Science - Learning Anytime Anywhere

    Snow Day 1-Do #1-3, snow day 2-do #4 and snow day 3-do #5.

    1. Hold two objects that are different in mass and air resistance and drop them at the same time. (don't use anything that will break or is so heavy it could hurt your foot or floor!)

    2. On a piece of notebook paper, draw a picture of each object and then label the forces on each object and use and arrow to indicate in which direction the force is going.

    3. Write 3 sentences describing what happened when you dropped the objects.

    4. Write 3 sentences describing why the outcome happened in the way it did.

    5. Write 3 sentences describing what you think would happen if you did this same experiment on the moon and why it would be different.

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  • ELA - Learning Anytime Anywhere

    Choose three that you have not recently done for ELA.

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