• Energy Forms and Changes (simulation)


    In this simulation, students explore how heating and cooling different substances adds or removes energy. They can build their own systems in which they track and visualize how energy flows and changes. This simulation requires Flash and Java to play. It is available in many languages under the Translations tab.


    Heat and Temperature in Space (website)


    What is the temperature of the universe? Does heat travel through the vacuum of space? How does a spacecraft dissipate heat? Answer these questions and more with this Q&A from NASA. See what new questions students may have, and explore those as well to spark their interest in the universe.


    Methods of Heat Transfer (website)


    This interactive slideshow describes the three methods of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation. It includes animations of heat flow at the particle level. It also shows animations of conduction, convection, and radiation on planet Earth, around a campfire, and inside a home.