• Energy Review (website)


    This website reviews some concepts regarding weight, conservation of energy, kinetic energy, and potential energy, as well as pendulum physics. Pages 2-5 provide review and build upon some of the concepts students have learned as well as provide follow-up questions involving calculations. Page 1 introduces work, which may be new to students but would prepare them for high school.


    Cosmic Collision (website)


    Eighty three million years ago, something huge fell from the sky and crashed into Alabama. It put a dent in Earth known as the Wetupka crater, named for where it is located. Students can discuss why the energy of this collision was great enough to produce such an effect; was it the mass, speed, or both that caused such great kinetic energy? Students can read the article and come to conclusions based on the crater size, impact, and what they’ve learned from this lesson.


    Physics of Hockey (videos/website)


    This website provides a number of videos regarding the physics of NHL hockey. In particular, the video on work, energy, and power provides information on how kinetic and potential energy are involved in a slap shot. Each video also includes a link to a lesson on the associated concepts as well as an activity to discuss in class.