• Darwin's Finches (interactive video)


    This 16-minute video describes a history of a modern research program on changes in the finches of the Galapagos Islands, with periodic pauses where quiz questions and answers pop up. It includes nice footage of the islands, the variable habitats, and the variable birds feeding on different foods. There are interviews with the scientists who have been tracking the birds for decades.


    Outdoor Toothpick Hunt (activity)


    This activity brings kids outdoors to hunt for toothpicks in a grassy area. You'll need to get a lot of toothpicks and dye half of them green to prepare for this activity. It will be a fun way for kids to get active and experience how color patterns can impact predator search time.


    Selection for Exaggerated Behavior (video)


    This two-minute video shows a male manikin doing a dance very similar to a moonwalk in order to attract a female. His bright colors and fancy movements are a good examples of how needing to attract a mate in order to reproduce can select for sensory stimulating traits like bright colors and odd movements.