• Mrs. Burdette-Steele, Assistant Principal  

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    The 2018-2019 school year is going to be a great year for Sterling Jaguars and I am so glad I get to be a part of the climb!  My name is Marcy Burdette Steele and I am thrilled to serve as Sterling’s Assistant Principal.  This is my fifteenth year in education.  I began my career teaching English Language Arts at Woodruff High School.  Since then, I have served as the interventionist at Manual High School & Mark Bills Middle School.  I also had the pleasure of being assistant principal at Roosevelt Magnet School and then served at the district office for a couple years as the Literacy Coordinator.  A couple years out of a school building proved to me where my heart lies…with students.  I feel fortunate to be able to be back with students every day at Sterling Middle School.

    I am a fan of teams in more ways than one… I believe that people, when working together towards a common goal can accomplish anything.  I think this is true for Sterling this school year and it is also probably why I am so passionate about sports.  I am an avid Cardinals fan.  I never miss a game and I keep up on all Cardinals-related news!  I feel this team sentiment is true for a healthy family as well.  My husband, Bryan, and I are a team for our children.  Our kids are Alix (21), JJ (11) and Mick (11).  They are the highlight of our lives.

    Mrs. Lane and I share a common vision for Sterling and our students.  We developed three main goals that we believe every member of the Sterling community can focus on.  Those goals are as follows:


    1. Sterling Jaguars strive to be decent human beings.
    • Students will do something to help others every week/weekend.  They can help parents, siblings, neighbors, community groups, etc.  They will do this freely and with the sole goal of assisting others.  Any deed - small to large - is acceptable as long as Jaguars are fostering the mindset of being kind and helpful at all times.
    • Students and staff will reflect upon these deeds every Monday during the SEL period.
    • The words and phrases Please, Thank YouYou’re Welcome, etc.will be expected of all members of the Jaguar family in applicable situations.  Staff members will respectfully remind students of this vernacular and will model it at all possible times.  Jaguars will thank one another for using this vernacular.
    1. Sterling Jaguars strive for personal betterment.
    • Jaguars will focus on aspects that will help them grow as people.  They will set a quarterly goal.  Personal betterment goals are not academically focused.  Rather, they are goals that will acknowledge something to help them with their own personal self-care, such as, eating healthy, exercising, reading for enjoyment, sleep goals, athletic goals, journaling, etc.
    • Students will reflect upon this quarterly goal each Monday during SEL time as well.
    1. Sterling Jaguars will grow academically.
    • Students will set goals for their content areas that can be monitored throughout the school year.
    • When grades, classes and/or individual students can document any sort of academic growth (specific concepts, writing or reading fluency growth, increasing endurance, etc.) that impacts their day-to-day learning they should record/reflect upon these moments during Monday SEL time as well.

    Mrs. Lane and I are devoted to Sterling Jaguars and if you need anything, please feel free to contact either one of us!  Let’s go Jaguars.  #JagsRiseToTheTop  @JaguarsSterling