• Printing from personal devices to district copiers is now available. You must be physically at the district with your personal device on our district network to send jobs to the cloud, then walk up to a district copier, badge or sign into the copier, then release the job.
    Your personal device must be at least these versions or greater:
    Client requirements
    • iPad/iPhone: iOS 9.2+
    • MacBook: macOS Yosemite+ |10.10+
    • Windows 7+
    • Android 4.4+
    • Chrome OS with Chrome version 43+
    (Note: We do not provide technical support on personal devices.)
    If your device meets the above requirements, please click here to follow the steps to setup your device for mobile printing on the Peoria Public Schools network:
    The mobile cloud printer will be called "D150-MobilityPrint". Printing to that cloud printer while in one of the district buildings and connected to the district network will allow you to release the job at any district copier.