Marine Instructor

 First Sergeant S. M. Martin



Degrees and Certifications:

First Sergeant S. M. Martin

1stSgt Martin was born in Burlington, IA in 1977. He came from a family who struggled with poverty, drugs and abuse. As an escape from his home life 1stSgt Martin found love in playing basketball. Struggling with maintaining an interest in school and avoiding home 1stSgt Martin chose a path of many obstacles. From dropping out of school to having many run ins with the juvenile courts. And eventually having a child at an early age 1stSgt Martin had to make a change. He made a deal with his late Great Grandmother to receive his GED. Once acquiring his GED. 1stSgt Martin was approached by a friend to help him get off of public assistance and working dead end jobs and make a change in his life.

In the Spring of 1998 1stSgt Martin walked into the United States Marine Corps Recruiting Office in search of way out. 1stSgt Martin was told in order for the Marine Corps to consider him he would need to earn 18 college credits due to his GED not being accepted. Knowing that options were running thin 1stSgt Martin changed his life on that day. He acquired the credits and entered the Marine Corps as an Infantryman on December 28th, 1998.

The United States Marine Corps gave 1stSgt Martin and his family something to be proud of. And over a career of 20 plus years 1stSgt Martin has faced and overcame many challenges in the Marine Corps and life and has realized that anything worth doing is going to be hard. In patrolling, the path of least resistance will get you killed. And life is no different. Taking the easy way will only allow one to live a mediocre life which truly is the same as death. 

On Jan 1 2019 1stSgt Martin accepted the job at Richwood’s High School with one goal in mind. To help mentor young Cadets and students in living a life of success by avoiding unnecessary obstacles. While at the same time challenging themselves with goals that consistently exceed expectations.

1stSgt Martin is married to the former Tabitha Danielle Klotz of Chicago IL, were they share the benefits of a joined family of seven kids. Madisyn, Grant, Lorelei, Max, Ella, Derrik, and Blake.