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    Changes to the calendar beginning in 2018-2019

    • Strike the Columbus Day holiday (becomes student attendance day in place of adding fall break)
    • Strike the Count Pulaski Birthday holiday (becomes student attendance day in place of adding fall break)
    • Reallocate the two non-student and staff attendance days to October 18 and 19 to accommodate a fall break
    • Move Parent/Teacher Conferences (fall and spring) to two evenings prior to the day off.
    • Postpone the October SIP day until October 31st.

     These changes allow the following:

    • A fall break for students and teachers midway through 1st semester, which principals believe is needed to prevent burnout and relieve behavior and attendance issues later in the semester.
    • Consolidates what would have been two shortened weeks with single holidays or days off in October into one short week.
    • Also removes a short week with a single holiday in March
    • Evening conferences should better accommodate parents, and allow staff to be off with students on Wednesday, making it a three-day fall break day for staff and students. Conferences would fall on Monday/Tuesday during the fall and Wednesday/Thursday during the spring, allowing us to review attendance and see if some days are better than others as we look at future calendars. If a teacher is absent for one conference night, they would be marked absent .5 days on the day off (Wednesday -1st sem. or Friday -2nd sem.), which would count as a full attendance day.
    • SIP day was postponed from the week following fall break, to the next week (Oct. 31), where it is believed Halloween may be a good incentive to get higher attendance on a SIP day with various activities occurring in schools.

    18 19 Calendary rev 2.12.2019 for snow days

Last Modified on September 12, 2019