5th grade behavior plan

    1. Follow Directions the first time given.
    2. Be Respectful of peers, adults, and classroom materials.
    3. Keep Hands and Feet to yourself at all times. (In your own zone)
    4. Bring all necessary supplies to class daily.
    Step 1: Redirection and Verbal warning to correct infraction.
    Step 2: Redirection, and Mark on clipboard to correct infraction.
    Step 3: Redirection, and Mark on clipboard to correct infraction. Student will then be given 3 minutes to sit down and reflect and get back into class. 
    Step 4: Redirection, Mark on clipboard, written reflection for infraction, how to correct infraction, and plan to be successful. Conference with teacher. Students will think about How can I be successful today? What can my teacher do for me right now to help?  
    Step 5: Possible consequences include: phone call home, loss of activity, detention page, office referral. If a detention page is issued it must be completed at home and returned signed the next day or a further consequence will result. 
    Pencils, stickers, free time, computer time, no homework coupons, trinket toys, student of the week, special VIP Desk, shout out on announcements, line leader, snack, Class Dojo Store. 
    Our goal is to keep everyone in class and learning! Please refer to these rules and our PBIS expectations to make your day successful at school! I believe in you!