• Many times parents will ask their children, "What did you do in school today?"  The child will often respond with "I don't know" or "nothing".
    Here are a list of conversation starters to, hopefully, get your child talking about his/her day:
    1.  Tell me about the story you are reading this week.
    2.  Show me a new strategy for adding or subtracting that you're learning. 
    3.  What are you writing about this week?
    4.  How did you greet your friends during morning meeting?
    5.  Tell me about the songs you're singing in Music class.
    6.  Let's talk about your library book so you will be ready for an A.R. test.
    7.  Tell me about a Math game that you have learned?
    8.  What did you read about in Reading Mastery?
    Some basic conversation starters that you can incorporate in your daily dialogue with your child can include:
    1.  That's a great question!  Let's try to find out the answer.
    2.  Tell me more...
    3.  What else do you know about that?
    4.  What do you think about...?
    5.  Tell me your idea...
    6.  How do you feel about...?
    7.  Let's talk about it...