•  Week of 3/16: Vocabulary and PSAT (optional)

    "Because of the label 'Act of God days,' starting Tuesday, March 17th and through Monday, March 30th, attendance will not be taken, no assignments will be given, and no student grades issued. However, according to the Illinois State Board of Education, continuity of education can occur." 

    If and when the PSAT is rescheduled, I will link some great practice opportunities through Khan Academy. These resources are a phenomenal way to get acquainted with the test setup, timing, questions, and overall structure. 

    LINK: Khan Academy Practice: Reading and Writing -- start with the diagnostic tests. You could do one diagnostic a day (this week). Based on your results and areas for improvement, watch the related videos and complete the additional practice.

    Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots - Quizlet study activities  : I am re-linking Quizlet flashcards for vocabulary. This is always great practice.  



    Please click on the link to view the Sophomore Enriched syllabus for the 2019-2020 school year.



    English II E Syllabus 2019-2020


    Sophomore Enriched World Literature is a course that continues to develop students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills through literature, grammar, vocabulary, and composition. This course demands a heavy emphasis on writing and analysis. The expectation will be placed on the student to complete extensive reading and writing outside, and in, class.  

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    • Your email address is: studentID@students.psd150.org
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    Here's how you access it:

    1. Go to District Webpage
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    6. Student Login: ID@students.psd150.org
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    Every Friday, sophomore English classes participate in Sustained Silent Reading, or, SSR. See the assignment attached: SSR
    Tips for great annotations:
    Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots - Quizlet study activities  
     In-Class Activity 10/28
    In-Class Activity 12/2 -- Evaluating Website Credibility 
    Explore the links using the credibility criteria.
    Use this sheet to keep track of the research on your assigned atrocity.
    Save to your DOCUMENTS, not "This PC" and begin typing into the worksheet.


    Night Reading Schedule

    Below is a tentative schedule for reading Night, which is subject to changeCompanion readings will be assigned throughout the unit. Reading quizzes may be given without notice.  Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the date indicated on the calendar. 



    4: Chapter/section 1

    7: Chapters/sections 2-3

    12: Chapter/section 4:

    14: Chapter/section 5

    18: Chapter/section 6

    21: Chapters/sections 7-9 (end of book)

    6: LAST DAY for SSR and all book talks

        Outline due

    13: Banality of evil final draft due

    16: Artifact due


    Forgot to bring home your book? Use the attached PDF: Night by Elie Wiesel


    Night and the banality of evil resources:

    BofE Texts from class