• Hello!  kindergarten Welcome to Team Thomas' Online Classroom!

    Mrs Thomas
     PLEASE click on the Remote Learning link for daily/weeklylessons and assignments.
    Do not ever hesitate to email me danielle.thomas@psd150.org with ANY questions or concerns. 
    *Special Note from Mrs. Thomas about remote learning days: 
    I want to thank you for ALL from the bottom of my heart for the time and effort
    you are spending with your child to help them be successful. 
    REMEMBER DO NOT stress yourself (or them) out over this. 
    Use this time to build memories with your baby. 
    They are only little for a short time and every moment matters.
    Remind them daily of how proud you (and Mrs. Thomas) are and how much we love them.
    This is a marathon NOT a race STOP to smell the roses while you can.