Homestead Steel Strike
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     Materials: Please note each student needs 2 spiral notebooks for history: one for first semester and one for second semester. He/she will also need a folder, looseleaf, and pencil for this class. Please see the school supply list. Students can bring their posterboard directly to me.
     My class will emphasize critical reading, writing, and thinking through analysis and discussion of primary and secondary sources in an effort to find out what really happened in a given point in history.
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    Mon. 11-18 No homework
    Tues. 11-19 No homework is Manifest Destiny worksheet is done.
    Wed.  11-20  No homework--18.1 due Friday
    Thurs. 11-21 Finish 18.1 for tomorrow
    Friday 11-22  Finish 18.2 for Tues. the 26th