• Hi Bobcats!  
    Check out this page to see how our Charter Oak Bobcats are taking action in the community and around the world!
    Environmental Club  
     Charter Oak Bobcats take action when it comes to the environment!  4th grade student, Hiruni, felt compelled to take action for the environment and presented Mrs. Zilkowski an Environmental Club proposal.  Given the go ahead, the group began meeting to solve environmental problems, and discuss ways to make our environment even better.  The group obtained some trees and held a planting ceremony this spring.  Way to make our world a better place, Environmental Club!
     Woodsy Owl Club        Woodsy Owl Club
    Students in Mr. Berg's 3rd grade class have formed the Woodsy Owl Club as a result of their unit on Sharing the Planet.  They have written a persuasive piece that may compel you to keep the environment clean for all living things, as well as join the club!  What a way to take action for living things big and small.  Good job, Woodsy Owl Club.  We're glad you give a "hoot" about the environment!
    Bully Prevention  
     The Peoria Rivermen came to Charter Oak to kick off the new semester with a lesson on anti-bullying.  Students learned the important steps they can take when they, or someone they see, is being bullied.  Great lesson, and by some awesome community figures.  Thank  you Peoria Rivermen.  We'll be kind to everyone!
     Coins for Kids
    With the help of our class presidents, our school raised an amazing amount of money for our community partners, Easter Seals.  Many of our families have benefited from their early intervention services.  What a way for us to give back to the community.  Great work on your campaign, Class Presidents, and great response to a community need, Charter Oak!!! 
    Math Club  
              Want to know what these kids do at recess?  Would you believe...MATH?  That's right, this group of 3rd graders from Mrs. Turner's class and Ms. Matousek's class gather together almost daily at their afternoon recess and work through challenging math problems, practice math skills, and play math games.  
              Will  Henley brings a notebook outside and confidently tutors his peers (Noelle Sarraf, Kiara Jackson, & Sienna Stepney) on grade level math material that he has mastered, and even some skills above grade level!  When I interviewed the group, the others said that Will is a good teacher because he knows a lot about math.  The games he has his math-minded friends play make learning math fun, they reported.  When I asked Will about his "students", he said, "They are good students because they really seem interested in what they're learning, and they get help when they don't understand something."  I think any teacher would agree that makes a good student:)  
              Thanks for taking the initiative on student led learning, Math Club!  We hope you never get DIVIDED up, but rather MULTIPLY your enrollment!   
     Did you know Mrs. Zilkowski's son is in the Army, and has been in Afghanistan for the past nine months?  Charter Oak Bobcats were happy to welcome this brave soldier home with a giant card signed by every student!  Thank you for your service, Matthew!  You are appreciated at Charter Oak!!!
    Welcome Home, Matthew!  
     Check out this enthusiastic 3rd grader!  Cahron Bryant in Mrs. Turner's class took the initiative to draw the amazing bobcat you see in the photo.  He did this all by himself!  Did you know the bobcat is our school mascot?  Way to show school spirit, Cahron!  AND, way to show your creativity!  Let's give a Bobcat Roar to Cahron:)
    Creative Cahron  
     Brooklyn Brooks of Mr. Hagan's 3rd Grade Class took the initiative to create her very own "Claw Game"!  Friends enjoyed getting to play with her invention at recess, and sometimes, they even won a prize!  Way to be inventive, & a creative thinker, Brooklyn!
     Brooklyn & Friends with her Claw Machine
     Check out this PRINCIPLED action!
    Cindy Kah of Mr. Romine's homeroom found money, and knew it didn't belong to her.  What do you think she did?  Cindy promptly turned the money into her teacher because she said, "It was the right thing to do!"  Way to take principled action, Ms. Kah!
    Principled Cindy  
     Two of our Bobcats have taken it upon themselves to put an end to bullying once and for all!  After an anti-bullying presentation by our District 150 Security Officers last week, Brooklyn Brooks of Mr. Hagan's homeroom and Ajyijah Hobson of Ms. Hagemann's homeroom created a bully prevention poster to display at our school.  Thanks for taking action to make our school an even safer and happier place to be:)  Way to go, girls!
     Bully Prevention