• What is Career Cruising?

    Career Cruising is a self-exploration and planning program that helps people of all ages achieve their potential in school, career and life. At Peoria Public Schools, all 6th - 12th grade students have access to Career Cruising login information to utilize at both school and home. With this tool's help, each student is working toward an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) that will help the student identify and make their way toward specific goals and careers. Parents can also log into Career Cruising to check their child's progress. Below is information that will guide you through the login process.
     Student Login Directions
    Family Login Directions
    Step 2 - Log in using your username and password as outlined below:
                                    PSD150- (+student ID#)
                         (8 Digit Birthday MM/DD/YYYY)
    Step 3 - Explore your Career Cruising portal, starting by completing the Matchmaker Assessment.
    Step 1 - Obtain (parent specific) activation information from your school's counselor. (Call school counselor for information or ask your student to "share their portfolio/ILP" via their login.
    Step 2 - Visit the Parent Portal link for Career Cruising.
    Step 3 - Enter the activation code provided by the counselor.
    Step 4 - Once registration is complete, you will have "viewing access only" to your student's Career Cruising Portal.

    Who should I contact if I have questions?

    Students and families should contact the student's school counselor or WCTC principal Michael Kuhn, 309-672-6665, for questions related to Career Cruising and Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs).