• The Office of Curriculum and Instruction

    3202 N.Wisconsin Avenue

    Peoria, IL 61603

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    The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is housed at the Administration Building, but you will often find our staff members out and about at our schools facilitating training programs, observing classrooms, and working with school's teams on identified goals. Our department is focused on implementing The Peoria Public Schools strategic plan, Our Path to 2020, with particular focus on Pillar 1 and Pillar 3. 


    Dr. Sandra Wilson
    Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum/Assessment

    Tracy Donath
    Mathematics and Science Coordinator
    Lisa Gifford
    Literacy and Social Studies Coordinator
    Barb Closen
    Online Learning Coordinator


    Susan Stenger
    Administrative Assistant
    Mary Lou Ryan, Librarian
    Carol Robb, Librarian

      Our Mission

    The mission of the Office of Curriculum and  Instruction  is to improve student achievement through the creation of a professional learning community that provides high quality professional development opportunities by supporting the districts improvement plan, exploring current research in education, promoting more effective teaching and learning, and fostering personal and professional growth.  


    As a district we have been working this year to refine best practices through such activities as monthly Teaching and Learning Sessions, Grade Level Leaders Meetings, New Teachers and Mentors Check and Connect professional development sessions, Content Area Specific School Improvement Days, and numerous other professional development opportunities developed to help teachers to continue to grow and learn as we strive to implement current district programs with fidelity.


    We have also continued to work on our District Improvement Plan through Wednesday Professional Development Days planned and facilitated by each school's Universal Leadership Team. Teachers have also been working in Professional Learning Communities within each school to problem solve and have student achievement discussions focused on the culture of the school, the learner and skills.


    We are committed to planning and facilitating professional development opportunities for educators as well as developing support materials to aid instruction. The Curriculum Department is a valuable resource for teachers, administrators, and others who are invested in providing quality instruction to the students in Peoria Public Schools.

    The Office of Curriculum and Instruction has been busy transitioning to the new Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Math and the Next Generation Science Standards. View this short video to learn more about the REMARKABLE transition taking place in the Peoria Public Schools as we adopt these new standards.