We will have school 2/18 - you will need to be picked up at 6:45 - No School and no busses that day!


    Snow Day Anytime Learning

    2/14 - Happy Valentine's Day!

    1)Today you will need to copy these notes up to slide 14 CH 10.(test Thursday)

    2)make sure your signs are finished and colored.(check your signs and study for sign test Tuesday- all these signs are on your test- 25 signs!) 

    We will have ch 9 test on Tuesday2/18 and Ch 10 test on Thursday 2/20 and Friday 2/21 will be your permit test.

    Wednesday2/19 will be your vision test.  see instuctions below for emailing me.........

    2/13 Please fill in the review cards for the Permit test - the test is 2/21 

    Please review the material on these cards as well as the signs that you drew in class.

    Permit cards

    permit information

    Please email me if you need any assistance   pam.beaver@psd150.org   EVERYONE MUST EMAIL ME and tell me you understand the upcoming week assignments and test dates. To do that copy the following and email me:

    2/17 no school

    2/18 ch 9 signs test - must get ride home at 645

    2/19 vision test - bring your study cards and glasses!

    2/20 ch 10 test

    2/21 permit test - VERY IMPORTANT TEST!!!  


    Feb 6,2020

    No School Today  Anytime Learning

    Read this article  about organ donation and answer the questions on a piece of paper. Questions to answer



    See the following Press Release from the Secretary of State:




    Press Release


    Cooperative Driving Program Information


    Are Illinois Permits Valid in Other States?


    Organ donation

    Organ donationWS



    To Check Student’s Status Once finish w/ BTW - https://sec1.isbe.net/driveredweb/Inquiry.asp


    To Check for Proper Identification for Secretary of States Office - www.cyberdriveillinois.com




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