• Reflective
       This month, we studied the practice of being reflective.  Reflective individuals give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and experience.  They are able to assess and understand their strengths and limitations in order to support their learning and personal development.
    During our lesson, we watched the Super IB Bobcats reflect over El Globo Gang's year.  Having made positive changes, members of El Globo Gang were granted "Super IB Bobcat" status by the wise Professor IB.  It was a happy ending to our Super IB Bobcat video series story!  Students enjoyed seeing their very own teachers as Super IB Bobcats, and who knew their teachers could dance?  Enjoy the grand finale!  
    After viewing the video, students were given the opportunity to learn how to reflect and put it into practice.  A student made a jump and it was marked with a sticker.  We all put our 
    heads together to 
    reflect on how the jump could go better the next time.  The student was asked to do a 2nd jump.   After reflecting another time, the student was ready to make a 3rd and final jump.  It was amazing to watch the joy when each child jumped farther each time they tried.  We related this to their lives.  This year, we said, was like their 1st jump.  After reflecting on their year, what would they continue to do well?  What would they improve?  Then, we pretended next year will be like their 2nd jump.  Can they go even farther, and do even better than they did this year?  We believe they can!  

    How Parents Can Help Develop Reflective Children

    • Help your child reflect on their daily experiences at school.  What would he/she have done differently?
    • Spend time reviewing the report card with your child.  Discuss areas of strength and difficulties.
    • Talk with your child about setting goals to improve areas of difficulty.
    • Help him/her list action to achieve these goals and provide support as necessary.Reflective Thinking
    • After participating in an activity with your child, model being a reflective parent by talking about he experience shared together. 
    • Provide positive feedback every time your child shares his/her reflections.