Balanced individuals understand the importance of intellectual, physical, and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others. 

    Making the IB Connection at School 
    Balanced equations  
    The students at Charter Oak discussed the meaning of being balanced and how important it is to work, play, & take good care of ourselves.  But, nothing says balance like an equation!  So, students worked with a partner to make equations balanced.  Kindergarten & 1st grade students also did motions to the song, "Old Joe Clark".  When the tempo got fast, so did they!  When the tempo slowed down, so did they!  We discussed how going to fast in life could cause accidents.  On the flip side, going to slow or lazy in life could cause us to miss out on things.  We all agreed it's best to live a well-balanced life!
    Got Balance? Making the IB Connection at Home
    *   Encourage your child to participate in a wide variety of structured activities.
    *   Discuss healthy choices with your child and teach them the food groups and what a balanced meal is made up of.
    *   Emphasize the importance of exercise and staying active.