Inquirers develop their natural curiosity. 
    They acquire the skills necessay to conduct inquiry and research
    and show independence in learning. 
     They actively enjoy learning and this love of learning will be sustained throughout their lives.
    Making the IB Connection at School
     Charter Oak students learned about being inquirers through the story created by Mrs. Rodriguez, If You Give a Brain a Question based on the series by Laura Numeroff, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  Since the brain is what makes us inquirers, the book told all about the brain & what we can do to keep it healthy.  There were also some fun brain facts we explored!  When the book was over, we took an energizing brain break, doing lots of activities to refresh our brains.  We came to the conclusion that since our brain is what makes us inquire, we should always take good care of it!
    If You Give a Brain a Question

    Of course, students also enjoyed watching the Super IB Bobcats inquire about the whereabouts of El Globo Gang!

    Making the IB Connection at Home

            *  Encourage your child's curiosity by pursuing areas of your child’s interest by visiting the library to borrow books that explore these topics.

     *    Develop a greater understanding of the Internet with your child. Work with your child when the Internet is being used and teach them that not all Internet sites are reliable.

             *     Model being an inquirer. Admit when you don’t know the answer to a problem or question and seek out the answers in front of your child.