Communicators understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively in more than one language and a variety of modes of communication.  They work effectively and willingly in collaboration with others.
     Falling Up
    Making the IB Connection at School
    Students discussed what it means to be a communicator, then demonstrated the different ways we can be communicators!  Together, we watched a Super IB Bobcat video followed by a discussion of examples of being a communicator in the film.  We also learned The Pledge of Allegiance in sign language.  Finally, students listened to poetry from Shel Silverstein and talked about the message we thought he was trying to communicate to us!  What a great investigation of all the ways we can be communicators!
       Making the IB Connection at Home
    *    Encourage your child to stay in touch with relatives and friends who live in other locations by writing letters, using the phone or sending email.
       *  When working on math homework, encourage your child to explain his/her answer to you orally or by drawing a picture.
    * Work with your child to improve his/her listening skills.  Being a good listener is an important part of communicating with others.letter