• DHH students improving their skills for tests! 
    Mrs. Julie Bowles
    5-8th grade 
    Science/Social Studies
    Email: Julie.Bowles@psd150.org
    Room #: 19B
    From the Teacher
    Hello parents and students! 
    The DHH students take a variety of tests that assist in progress monitoring and provide a measurement of their learning.  To provide the students with additional support and practice there are several websites that the students can use,  Although some of the activities on this website require hearing, they can be beneficial for those with a mild/moderate hearing loss.  Head phones may be of assistance.
    This link will take you to the Compass Learning Odyssey.  
    In addition, there are many other great resources of practical websites for students to develop their academic skills. This link will take you back to our district website and list of approved academic websites. 
    In addition there are many other educational websites to choose from:
    computer games
    Cool Math
    This website has more than math games.  There are a lot of strategies that students can develop on these games. 
    PBS Kids : There are a lot of stategies taht students can develop on these games.   
    Game Quarium:  http://www.gamequarium.com