Behavior Management Plan 



    *To limit unnecessary distractions 

    *To develop appropriate behaviors and interaction skills for the group

    *To develop self-discipline and responsibility in the individual

    *To give parents ample information regarding their child’s behavior, while taking as little time as possible away from instruction.




    *I do realize that first graders are young and tend to make mistakes at times.  Therefore, classroom rules and school expectations will be modeled and practiced throughout the year.  Consequences are intended to help children take stock of their own behavior, not to humiliate or hurt.  When misbehaviors continue or are part of a pattern of repeated behavior, or when a child progresses to a slightly more disruptive behavior then I notify parents.  I will notify parents by either email, text message, phone call, or face-to-face conversation.  There are three types of consequences that I will be utilizing in my classroom: 1). Reparation: "You broke it. You fix it." This gives children opportunities to face mistakes and actively repair the damage they caused.  It allows children to take responsibility and right their wrongs, and be a part of the solution, not just the problem.  2). Breach of contract: "If you are not responsible, you lose a privilege." Part of our contract as a learning community is the expectation that children will act responsibly.  I expect and trust that my students will tell the truth, do their jobs, take care of property, and treat each other with respect, fairness, and friendliness.  A breach of that trust includes telling lies, disregard for others' rights or feelings, and disregard for materials in the room. 3). Time-outs: "You must forfeit participation." This consequence is simply removal from a situation temporarily to stop disruptive behavior.  Time-outs can either be individual or group.

    *Follow directions quickly
    *Raise your hand for permission to speak
    *Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
    *Make smart choices
    *Be respectful, be responsible, and be safe



    *Grades are given in ELA (reading, language arts, phonics, spelling, & grammar) and Math.  Your child will also receive a grade in PE, Computers, Music, and Art.