• The Board of Education approved the District's Electronic Communications/Social Networks Policy in 2011. This email provides a brief summary of the policy. To read the full policy, please visit Board Policy 5:130.
    This policy exists to recognize potential needs and uses for electronic communications by our employees, while providing safeguards to protect the welfare of both employees and students. The policy governs communications by employees with parents and students, but does not apply to communication with alumni. Violations of this policy are subject to disciplinary review, up to and including termination.
    Employees may communicate with currently enrolled District 150 students only about school-related matters and only through district-approved or district-hosted electronic accounts and applications, such as the district e-mail addresses and the official district website within the psd150.org domain.
    Appropriate use of electronic communications with parents and students include District email, District website and other District-hosted electronic accounts. When using the District website to communicate, employees posting links to outside websites and information are responsible for evaluating instructional appropriateness of the content and images contained on the outside link.
    The District recognizes that employees may have personal blogs, websites and/or contribute posts to the blogs and websites of others. Employees must abide by all legal requirements including compliance with student privacy laws, including: not disclosing personally identifiable student information; not engaging in any communication or activity that violates the District's anti-harassment and bullying policies; making or posting confidential, threatening, libelous or slanderous comments. Employees are liable for their own commentary; and making comments or posts that are contrary to your responsibility of instructing effective methods for the prevention of drug/substance abuse. 
    Employees may also have personal accounts for social networking sites (ex. Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn) or online gaming (ex. Sony Playstation Network, Xbox Live or gaming websites). Employees may not use personal, non-District hosted sites to make contact with currently enrolled District 150 students, unless approved by his/her building Principal, and written or electronic consent is obtained from the student's parent.