Peoria High

    “The Pride of the City”

    All School Eligibility

    2018 - 2019


    • All school eligibility for the 2018 - 2019 school year will be based on a point system.
    • Eligibility is calculated per grading period for the upcoming grading period
    • Students who are eligible may attend all school events including athletics, arts, dances etc.
    • Students who are not eligible may not attend any events as a spectator for the entire grading period
    • Boosters will be offered during the first 3 weeks of each new grading period for those ineligible


    Non-Negotiable Guidelines


    • Student suspended for fighting may (per administrative decision) be ineligible for the entire semester
    • Student with more than 1 “F” at the grading period will be ineligible for the next grading period
    • Students with more than 5 unexcused absences will be ineligible
    • Students with more than 3 class skips are automatically ineligible


    Point System


    • Final Point Total at the end of the GP1 must be 22 points or greater
      • Points are based on:
        Grading Period GPA (Grade Point Average) x  10
      • (i.e.  GPA 2.3 x 10 = 23 points)
    • Point deductions:
      • 1 point per tardy to any class period 1 – 8
    • Bonus:
      • Pride Time Bonus is 10 pts per grading period based on participation and promptness 



    Eligibility Booster


    At the beginning of each grading period, those students who are ineligible because of the point system only may participate in a 3 week booster. Such students must meet the following criteria over a 3 week period.   


    • 0 Tardies 1st – 8th period
    • 0 discipline referrals
    • 0 unexcused absences
    • 1 excused absence
    • 0 suspensions (in school or out)
    • 0 class skips