You can enjoy classroom projects and lessons on this page.  Browse to find out what some of our classrooms have been learning about!
    4th Grade held their 2nd Annual Water Celebration at the culmination of their unit, How the World Works.  This was an amazing event that allowed the community to see learning made visible through different medias, hands on activities, and oral presentations.  4th graders chose to study a line of inquiry:  our impact on water environments, weather and its systems, or water environments around the world.  What an amazing exhibition, 4th Grade!!! 
     Water Celebration  Water Celebration  Water Celebration  Water Celebration  Water Celebration
    Water Celebration  Water Celebration  Water Celebration  Water Celebration  Water Celebration
    Water Celebration  Water Celebration  Water Celebration  Water Celebration  Water Celebration
     3rd graders concluded their Sharing the Planet unit with an ecosystem gallery display.  This was after 4-6 weeks of learning that the balance of the ecosystems can be affected by all living things.  There was heavy discussion on city wildlife, which challenges us all to observe wildlife in the world around us.  Way to put all the learning, research, and creativity into an amazing project for all to enjoy in a gallery walk, 3rd grade!
    Ecosystem Gallery Walk    Ecosystem Gallery Walk
    Ecosystem Gallery Walk    Ecosystem Gallery Walk
     2nd grade concluded their unit, How We Express Ourselves, with a Cinderella Ball after learning about variations of fairy tales.  Mrs. Laird, Ms. Kohlman, and Mr. Eberlin taught various dances in preparation for the ball during P.E. and music classes.  Way to pull off this team effort, and make learning magical!
     2nd Grade Ball   2nd Grade Ball
    2nd Grade Ball  
     4th grade enjoyed a presentation from Public Works, finding out what it takes to make a city function.  This supported their unit How We Organize Ourselves where they learned about how community collaboration is essential to maintaining societal organizations.  A huge thanks to our Peoria Works community resource!  Way to learn through hands on activities, 4th grade.
     Public Works   Public Works
     2nd grade did a study on animals and their adaptations.  After research, writing their findings, and illustrating, students taught each other what they learned.  What a great way learn, 2nd grade!
     Student-led learning   Student-led learning
     Kindergarteners learned about traditions from other cultures.  Mrs. Laird, the music teacher, supports this unit by having students create a beautiful fan to dance with, a custom in other countries.  Way to think globally, Kindergarteners!
    Fan Dance    Fan Dance
     2nd grade kicked off their unit, How We Express Ourselves, with a local storyteller.  Their unit explored the many ways we tell stories in order to communicate something.  Students concluded the unit by creating their own version of a story through a puppet show that they create and present to their peers.  Awesome job, 2nd grade, and a huge thank you to Ms. Kay Price of Peoria!
    3rd graders learned, through the unit of study How the World Works, that technological advances have a global and personal impact.  They took their inquiry to the Tree House Master test & created their ideal tree house filled with technology.  Looks like a fun way to learn, 3rd grade!
     Tree Houses
          During the 2nd grade unit, Where We Are in Place & Time, students studied Native Americans.  Local Native Americans came to teach students about housing, artifacts, culture, clothing, & customs while traveling through stations.   The event concluded in a pow wow with storytelling, and a dance to the beat of a large drum.  Thank you to the members of Dayspring United Methodist Church for the awesome experience they provided to our students!
    Native American   Native American
    Native Americans  
    Our music teacher, Mrs. Laird, has all students engaged in a lesson that supports the kindergarten unit, "Where We Are in Place and Time".  The focus is on people uniting around traditions.  What better way to unite than around an accordion playing, polka dance.  Students in Mrs. Kapraun's class made accordions and learned to polka...step, touch, touch!  If you would have seen it, you would have wanted to join in.  These kindergarteners made it look fun and easy.  Great being open-minded to different traditions, Kindergarten!
       Polka Dancing    They made accordions!
              2nd grade students in Mr. Jacobson's class are busy at work!  Our 2nd grade students have been developing their research skills.  Students are learning how the world works by researching living things and how they are dependent on their traits to survive in their environment.  
          Next, check out the 2nd grade students in Mrs. Frye's class!  Presenting the information to others is the next step in the research process.  
          Wow, 2nd grade, what a way to develop your college and career readiness skills through learning how to research!
    Mr. Jacobson's Class Researching   Mr. Jacobson's Class Researching   Mr. Jacobson's Class Researching   Mr. Jacobson's Class Researching   Mr. Jacobson's Class Researching
      Presenting Research   Presenting Research   
    During 4th grade's unit Who We Are, they get to explore how decisions influence our circumstances.  They are learning about government systems and processes.  For example, they are in the process of electing class presidents.  Isn't it important to choose the right people to lead?  They're finding out all about that!  What better way to make learning authentic than to have students actually vote from official booths on their grade level favorite candy, song, and t-shirt design.  Thanks to Mr. Coats, a Charter Oak parent, who made this possible.  Way to make learning authentic, 4th grade, and how perfect at the time of a presidential election year! 
    Voting  Voting Voting Booths  Voting Booths
    Kindergarten students have been learning all about how a community is impacted by the involvement of its members and the choices they make.  In fact, they've had presentations from many community members and learned about their important roles in making our Peoria community an amazing place to be.  Here are some photos from some of our special presentations.  Way to learn first hand, Kindergarten! 
     Paramedics in our Community   Paramedics in our Community   Exploring an Ambulance   Mr. Simon, Grocer     Mr. Simon, Grocer   Mr. Simon, Grocer
    Fire Safety House   Fire Safety House
    Police Officer visit   Police Officer visit
     1st grade students have been learning all about how community membership promotes a sense of belonging and contribution.  So, it was a great connection when Public Works came to visit the 1st grade and present all about what the roles and careers are that make our city function better!  Students even got to interact with a city sewer model, and sat in a real snow plow.  Thanks Public Works!  It was a great way to learn:)
     Public Works Presentation   Interactive Sewage Table
    City Snow Plow  
    Third graders in Mr. Berg's class were encouraged to take a lesson even further!  Students in 3rd grade read the story, "Roxaboxen".  This story beautifully lays out the kind of organization a community needs and for good reasons.  Look at how the 3rd graders in Mr. Berg's room created their own community.  Way to be thinkers and continue the learning on your own time! 
    Room 115  Room 115  Room 115  Room 115  Room 115
      Room 115  Room 115