• Peoria Public Schools, District 150


    Exam Exemption Policy for Peoria Public Schools, District 150

    Students in District 150 may waive their final exams for second-semester classes if they meet the following requirements:

    ·         The student must have written permission from their parent/guardian for each course the student will exempt.

    ·         The student must have maintained a “B” average or higher in the class.

    ·         The student may not have accumulated more than five tardies for the classes they wish to waive.

    ·         The student cannot have any unexcused absences from school or class for the current semester.

    ·         The student cannot have accumulated more than three excused absences per class period during the current semester, excluding college visitation days, religious observances, and school activities.  Students are allowed three college visitation days per year, but documentation from the admissions department stating the student was in attendance on their college campus must be presented.  Approved absences for the observance of religious holidays will not be counted against the student.  As above, documentation must be provided.

    ·         The student cannot have any in-school or out-of-school suspensions in order to waive final exams.