• Marricea Page, a 4th grade teacher in PPS Becoming a Teacher 

    By joining the Teacher Pathway, you can start your journey towards securing a promising career in the schools you’re already familiar with.

    The Teacher Pathway Program provides an opportunity for high school students interested in becoming a professional educator (e.g., Teacher, Principal, Superintendent) to begin taking dual-credit classes at their current high school. In total, students who complete the Teacher Pathway Program will graduate having earned 12 college credit hours.

    Steps in the Teacher Pathway Program

    1. Sign-up: Sign up for college level courses while in high school.
    2. Study: Finish 4 courses in your junior and senior years.
    3. Support: Work with a counselor to pick a college program that's right for you.
    4. Success: When you graduate college, you'll have an interview waiting for you at Peoria Public Schools.

    A Community of Support

    High school students receive support while they complete their Teacher Pathway coursework.

    High school counselors work with Teacher Pathway students to find scholarships that will make college affordable.

    Student Teaching
    Colleges and Universities work with Peoria Public Schools to encourage students to complete their required student teaching field experience in a Peoria school.


    If you have any questions, reach out to your high school counselor, or one of the program directors below:

    Michelle Hassan, Executive Director of High Schools

    Peter Kobak, HR Recruiter

    Want to learn more about the field of Education? 

    Check out this guide from the Illinois State Board of Elections!

    Screenshot of ISBE Career Guide