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    For 2-1-19

    Complete the assignments from Wednesday and Thursday.

    In addition:

    French 1--study your seven verbs: parler; finir; vendre; avoir; être; aller; faire--quiz next week

    French 2--study your l'imparfait stem: aller; avoir; dire; écrire; faire; finir; lire; mettre; ouvrir; parler; partir; pouvoir; prendre; recevoir; savoir; sortir; vendre; venir; voir; vouloir--quiz next week

    For learn anytime, anyplace for Wednesday:

    French 1--complete the verb practice sheet.

    French 2--do ex. D in imperfect tense packet

    Freshsem--define the seven marked words on cloze activity

    French 3-4--do ex D in imperfect tense packet

    ***NOTE:  Freshsem students--if you missed school on Tuesday, you need to watch and take notes on CNN 10.


    If we have learn anytime, anyplace on Thursday: 

    French 1--do the near future recent past practice sheet 

    French 2--do ex E in the imperfect tense packet 

    Freshsem--do the cloze activity

    French 3-4--do ex E in the imperfect tense packet

    ***The file library has scans of the work required.  Scan 1 is the French 1 verb practice sheet.  Scan 001 has several including the French 1 near future/recent past practice; the imperfect pact D & E; and the Freshsem cloze with vocabulary words marked.