• The establishment of an Office of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a key goal of the Peoria Public Schools' five-year strategic plan, Our Path to 2020. Specifically, the District’s SEL efforts focus on assessing the effectiveness of current school and district Multi-tier Systems of Support.

    What is social and emotional learning (SEL)?
    According to the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (www.casel.org) SEL is the process through which children and adults acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and handle challenging situations constructively.

    Why Implement SEL in Schools?

    • Relationships provide a foundation for learning
    • Emotions affect how and what we learn
    • Social and emotional skills can be taught
    • SEL has positive impact on academic performance, health, relationships, and citizenship
    • SEL skills and attitudes are demanded by employers
    • SEL has shown to effectively reduce at risk behaviors
    • Early interventions for students
    • If not now…when?

    Impact of Trauma Inside School
    SEL trauma and mental health