•  2018-2019 Speech/Declamation coach: Ms. Nelson


    You must sign up for your practice times for the week AHEAD of time. Please note that the majority of the student's work will take place on their own time. Students will be expected to be comfortable with their materials and have their parts completely memorized. Speech participants must be in good academic standing or they will be withdrawn from the contest. The cost is $5 per event.
    Objectives of speech:
    1. Develop  their speaking voice and oral communication skills
    2. Students enter the world of literature & communicate this world to an audience
    3. Develop poise, self-confidence and self-worth through public speaking.
    The culmination of their hard work will be participation in the regional tournament. ALL students who participate are required to attend the IESA Speech Contest.
    IESA Speech
    Solo Acting: a dramatic presentation by an individual student
    Impromptu Speaking: the student will be given 2 words or phrases from the judge and will choose one. They will have a specified amount of time to compose and present a speech on the topic.
    Duet Acting: a presentation with direct dialogue between 2 contestants portraying no more than 2 characters.
    Improv Duet Acting: the duet is given 2 humorous prompts and 1 serious prompt and must use them to start their scene.
    Small Group Acting: a presentation by 3 to 5 performers
    Team Improv: composed of 4 to 6 students, given 3 different improvisation games to be played out in 2 minute intervals.