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    Grade:  6th Grade 
    Email:   kathy.sims@psd150.org    
    Room #:  121
         Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!!!  I am now teaching math and science to two sections of 6th grade:  604 and 605.  The year has started out AWESOME!  They're doing a great job of following directions and participating in class.
       It is imperative that you check your child's planner every night to make sure that homework is getting completed.  Effort is extremely important to me.  I want to see the students trying the work.  This helps me to see where some misconceptions are and to view the process they are using.  In mathematics, the process is just as important, if not more, than the answer itself!  So I ALWAYS tell my students to "SHOW YOUR WORK!" 
    Some suggestions I have for you:
    • Practice multiplication facts every night!
    • Help them correct problems they miss on their graded work.
    • Encourage your child to ask for help!  I will stay after school for extra help/tutoring if we set it up ahead of time. 
    • Always email me with any questions or concerns you may have!
    math zone  
     mathematics resources
    Compass Learning  - The students can get on Compass at home and get some extra minutes in.  They can earn extra credit points for working on Compass at home!
    Math Playground - These games are aligned to the Common Core standards our students will be learning this year.  These would be great extra practice for the students to do at home!
    Adapted Minds - 5th grade Math lessons/games that are aligned to the Common Core Math Standards
     Math Goodies - Interactive lessons that are aligned with the 5th Grade Common Core Standards