Name: Mrs.Bessler          
     Title: 5th Grade Reading
    Email: jennifer.bessler@psd150.org
     Phone: (309)672-6557 
    Here is some updated information for you below: 
    Our shirt colors are blue, black, white and maroon. Students are allowed to wear a sweatshirt or light fleece to keep warm- Winter coats are not permitted. Any student who continuest to put their hood up during the day will also be asked to put their item away. If it is a continued problem- administration will be notified. 
    Pant Colors are navy, black and khaki. Students are permitted to wear a crew neck sweatshirt of uniform color or long sleeved shirts underneath as weather permits. 
    This year in reading classes we are starting a book challenge. I am challenging students to read 20 books by Christmas break! I know that sometimes we get busy, or sometimes kiddos don't like reading, but this is a goal we all can meet! This is all part of our 40 book challenge! Ask your student where they are on their tracking chart today!