Name: Mrs.Bessler          
     Title: 5th Grade Reading
    Email: jennifer.bessler@psd150.org
     Phone: (309)672-6557 
    PLEASE SIGN UP FOR REMIND 101 TODAY If you have not done so already! See tab on the side! 
    Please have students check their email accounts to receive weekly messages from Mrs. Bessler. Students can also email me for help! 
    COVID-19 Plans: The school will be closed until April 7th. Until we are given more direction from our govenor - The state of Illinois has moved to remote learning plans. Below are two links of work that students can start until 4.3.20. Then follow the remote learning plans below. 
    Remote Learning Plans: This plan is in effect until April 7th per the Govenor's Shelter in Place order.  
    At home Learning with Scholastic. Scholastic has opened up daily lesson plans. We do magazines similar to this in class. Students can explore grade levels 3-5 and even 6-8 to find some new topics to look at. There are even some virtual field trips! Check it out at https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html   Please follow the schedule for using Scholastic at Home. (Please note that thereare 5 days of lessons provided - just pick something that catches your interest)
    Week 1: Dates: April 6th-April 10th.
    Week 2: April 14th - April 17th 
    Week 3: April 20th-April 24th.
    The recommended amount of time for students to spend on reading and math has a maximum time frame of 120 minutes per day. Students should then turn in between ONE (minimum) and Three (Max) activities from the choice board for articles or the 3-2-1 summary activity by every Friday for credit. Please make sure to date your assignment when turning it in. The 3-2-1 document can be downloaded and you can then type in it. 
    Also, there are resources for families on this Scholastic website that will link you to more activities to do such as True Flix and Science Flix which the students will love! 
    Math problems of the day! Try one of these problem solving problems daily in your math notebook. Make sure you are reading, drawing and writing your answer in a sentence! Math Problems of the day
    Please check out the Zearn tab on the website to look further at math instruction. 
    Other resources available for students:
    Myon is also available for students to read on. Simply google Myon and their login is their lunch number and 8 digit birthday 
    Epic is also available -students should have an account they have set up but the class code is Kab7581 
    Zearn is what students can work on for math. Visit www.zearn.org 
    All students should have their logins- if they do not please reach out to me! This is our math instruction that we have been working on all year. 
    Audible books have also opened up through audible by Amazon. Visit: https://stories.audible.com/start-listen
    Other apps for students: Aligned Apps for Parents
    Link to Mrs. Couri's page for inclusion students: Mrs. Couri's website
    How to turn in materials: Students may turn back in materials assigned through MS teams. Assignments will be created on MS teams in forms they can fill out and send back. I am also available my email or the chat feature on MS teams. Please visit this document to help you navigate MS teams. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/distance-learning-with-office-365-guidance-for-parents-and-guardians-89d514f9-bf5e-4374-a731-a75d38ddd588
    I will also be able to contact students through email, and set up a video chat for our class through MS teams. Please make sure to have students check their email. Once you have logged onto MS teams, if you click the waffle icon at the top and go to Outlook, this is their email. Or students can go to www.psd150.org/email and then log in with their lunch number@students.psd150.org and then their 8 digit birthday. 
    I know this is a lot of information on everyone! Please take it one step at a time and reach out for help! If you need anything I will be happy to talk you through it or video chat if needed! Thank you for your continued support!