WGMS Student Handbook 2020-2021

    Dignity, Respect and Achievement for All

    Student Handbook
    Students will be given a handbook at the start of each school year. It is to be looked over by the students and their parent or guardian. The Handbook is also available on Family Access during Student Registration. 
    The Student Handbook is in the front of the required Washington School Student Planner. These are available for purchase at the beginning of the school year for $7.00 each.
    Washington Gifted School's policies are in keeping with the school district's policies.    Grading and Promotion Policy
    2018-19 School Culture Policy


    Dignity, Respect, and Achievement for All…with Integrity.


    At Washington our culture is driven by the philosophy of “Address, Intervene, Communicate.”

    Address- identify that the behavior is inconsistent with our core values.

    Intervene – have a conversation about behavior/expectation/correction plan. Intervention should be recorded by the classroom teacher: this may be done via skyward intervention or independent teacher log. There must be documentation of interventions before student is referred for a detention.

    Communicate – via referral or parent contact, any other necessary means.


    Action 1- intervention (independent documentation)

    Action 2- intervention (independent documentation), contact parent

    Action 3- intervention documented in skyward as discipline referral (action 1 and 2 documented)


    Assigning detention period: Monday noon – Monday noon.   Detention hall will be held on Tuesdays from 2:30-4:15PM.


    The student will be issued a notification of the assigned detention (detention slip) and will be added to the weekly detention attendance roster.


    Major discipline infractions, (with the exception of gum chewing) as outlined on page 3 and 4 of the Washington student handbook, will result in an instant referral to the principal and will be subject to school and district consequences.


    Infractions that occur in common areas (running, acts of insubordination, disrespect, etc.), such as halls and foyer, will also be subject to the provisions of this policy.  This policy is enforceable by any staff member and students are expected to follow school guidelines in all areas of the school, including any off- site programming or events connected to the school.


    Students may not be sent to the office without first notifying the office via intercom system. Upon notification, school administration and/or SEL team will meet and escort student.


    If a student needs to be removed from the classroom, the teacher will call the office and request “SEL support.” A member of the SEL team will meet the student in the classroom, will assess needs, and will intervene appropriately.


    On the third assigned detention, a parent meeting with principal and SEL team will be scheduled. At this conference the school team will review the student’s behavior and needs with the student’s parents to determine new strategies and to assign a consequence. The school team, parents, and student will construct a behavior contract which outlines the agreement between student and school that sets the student on a corrected path with the guidance and input of all parties.


    On the 4th assigned detention, a parent meeting will be scheduled again, the student will lose their next privilege and will be placed in an in-school alternative placement. 


    Further infractions will result in escalating consequences.


    Major infractions may affect field experiences second semester at principal’s discretion.


    Loss of privilege may include and is not limited to games, practices, field trips, parties, and school dances.


    This policy does not replace 7:190 Peoria Public School student discipline protocol. Major infractions will be dealt with according to district policy.


    Please contact the school office, either by phone:   309-672-6563   or email:  David.Poehls@ PSD150.org, if you have any questions. 


    Access Control Procedures

    1.    All staff (including substitutes) are required to wear ID badges at all times - this makes it easier to identify people who do not belong in the building.

    2. Visitors during the school day must be buzzed in by the office. Staff, students and other visitors should not merely open doors for visitors.

    3.   All visitors are required to sign in, sign out, wear visitor’s ID badge, and make sure all other visitors adhere to this procedure.

    4.    Direct unidentified visitors to the office to get a visitor’s badge.  It is important that all staff stop, greet, and question unidentified visitors they see in the building.  If they know them, direct them to the office for a visitor’s ID badge.  If they don’t know them, report his/her presence to the office immediately.

    5.    Keep outside doors locked at all times, except for the main door during drop-off and pick-up times.  Don’t prop open doors and if a door is open or unlocked, close or lock it.